Mamede Albuquerque

Rua de Tomar 2 rc COIMBRA

Rua Egas Moniz - Lote14-Loja 5 - COIMBRA
(Em frente ao parque infantil da SOLUM)

If you have suffered any kind of accident and require an assessment of the resulting disability, please contact our Expert Report Centre.

With over five thousand studies carried out in its twelve years of existence, the Centre occupies a privileged position in the sector of forensic medicine in Portugal.

It provides a rapid response to all kinds of requests, offers full support to patients throughout the various phases of the most complex cases, and promotes expert medical defence for the purpose of committees, appeals and other procedures necessary to the defence of your rightful concerns and full entitlements.

 The Centre enjoys the permanent collaboration of specialists of renowned skill and experience in the field of medical expert opinions.

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Albuquerque e Lima Lda - Actividades de medicina

Albuquerque e Lima Lda - Actividades de medicina

 With registered offices at Rua de Gil Vicente 86-A – Coimbra, Portugal, Albuquerque e Lima is a limited company, registered with Coimbra Register of Companies under number 10266/20041112.

            With a share capital of 15,500 Euros, its interests lie in the fields of Human Health and Art. With regard to Art, its corporate purpose consists in the promotion, sale and dissemination of artworks in the fields of painting, sculpture and design. With regard to Health, its corporate purpose is the pursuit of activities in the field of human medicine.

            Within the field of Medicine, the company has interests in Forensic Traumatology, Orthopedics and Assessment of Bodily Injury. Its medical activities take place at Rua de Tomar, nº 2 - Coimbra, Portugal (Centro de peritagem médica e Ortopedia Forense - Expert Report Centre).

            The company’s Art Gallery (ALTANGRAM), located at Rua Egas Moniz - Lote 14 - Loja 5 – Coimbra, Portugal, is the venue for most of Albuquerque e Lima’s art-related activities.     


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